60s gold dress
27 Feb

gold 60s dress


Who: Modelled by Sam, owned by Mara.

What: 60’s Metallic Pink Gold Gown

Where: You can hire this dress from Yarn Yarns. $50 for four days, or $75 for eight days.


History Behind the Garment

This dress reminds us of something the members of sixties girl band The Supremes would wear. The Supremes started the trend of glamorous costumes in girl groups. Their sophisticated style has rarely been rivalled, even with today’s hyper-invented stars.

Before the 50s and 60s people used to buy an album based purely on the sound but with the increased popularity of tv, the look of pop musicians became almost as important. The Supremes wanted to create a signature style that set them apart from all other girl bands. They chose a sophisticated look which would appeal to a broad audience. At the time there were no female African-American fashion icons to aspire to, The Supremes were the first. Their style was idolised widely and set the trend for women in the music scene.


Story Behind the Garment

Mara bought this dress at the Conscious Closet. It was so glamorous she couldn’t resist. It remained tucked away in her wardrobe till she was invited to a costume party with a broad theme. This was her chance… Mara didn’t know what she was going as but she had to wear this dress. She decided to go as tinsel and paired the dress with a silver wig.

Mara loves this dress but rarely finds an occasion to wear it. Till that day comes she is sharing it with Yarn Yarns so other people can enjoy it.


Cotton and Woolley xx


fashion illustration mara lythgo

Illustration by Mara Lythgo

Photography by Kathy Kennedy.

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