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19 Feb

yarn yarns fashion rentals


Who: Tahly

What: 90s top and 90s high waisted shorts

Where: Top – This top is available to buy at Yarn Yarns

Shorts- Passed on from Couch Surfing Host, Los Angeles, US


History Behind the Garment


Seeing as this vintage top has prominent gold buttons we have decided to focus on the surprisingly interesting history of these curious little objects.

The earliest known button was discovered near Pakistan and is around 5000 years old. They were fastened with a loop as it took roughly 4000 years after the creation of buttons for someone to have the bright idea of inventing button-holes.

For many years buttons were considered ornamental rather than functional. They were a status symbol and laws were set in place to restrict their use. The medieval period was a time when women were questioned by judges for adorning too many buttons, and people could pay off debts by taking a button off their garment.

Around the 17th century buttons moved to the left side for women and the right for men, something that still differentiates male and female tops to this day. It is believed that women’s buttons were on the left side as they had maids to help them dress, while men often dressed themselves.

Next time you are involved in the contemplative and sensual act of buttoning oneself or someone else take a moment to admire these seemingly ordinary objects with a far more fascinating history than we give them credit for.


Story Behind the Garment


This is a true story….

Cotton acquired these shorts in Los Angeles in 2011. She was staying with a Couch Surfing host in a tiny studio apartment. Their host was a lovely man that allowed Cotton and her boyfriend to sleep on the floor beside his bed for a week. At some stage during her stay Cotton noticed a pile of women’s clothing at the foot of their host’s bed. She asked about the curious pile and he replied bashfully that he had been meaning to get rid of them for a while – they were clothes girls had left behind after he had one-night stands with them. Cotton sifted through the surprisingly large pile and found a denim jacket and the pictured green shorts. She tried them on and finding they fitted perfectly asked her host if she could have them. Cotton often wonders how one of his conquests could possibly have left the house without her shorts but she’s glad they did.


Cotton and Woolley xx


the conquests' clothes

Illustration and photography by Haley Kigbo