green coat
19 Jun

green coat

Who: Sunday

What: Green handmade coat

Where: This coat is available to buy at Yarn Yarns


History Behind the Coat

This beautiful coat is home made. People rarely make garments at home nowadays as purchasing new clothing is so accessible to most of us. In this blog post we look into the history of the largest manufacturing business in the world – the creation, production and distribution of clothing.

Up until the early 20th century clothes were made specifically for the person who would wear them and would last a very long time. Today we walk into a store, purchase a ready to wear garment, wear it a few times then throw it away.

The industrial revolution in the 1700s saw textile production move from small cottage production to large scale factory settings. However piece work still had to be done by hand, until 1846 when the sewing machine was invented. Despite this progress in fashion production most people still preferred to have their clothes tailored. The late 19th century/early 20th century saw the introduction of the department store and with this came the birth of knock-offs. Marshall Fields’ offered copied couture dresses for $25.00 (equivalent to $895 at today’s prices) compared with $75.00 ($2684.00 at today’s prices) for the upscale version.

Nowadays not only are fabrics becoming thinner and less durable, they are also mostly made from polyester, which is basically plastic. Retail stores used to introduce new lines for each season (four times a year) now big brands introduce new designs every two weeks. Most women these days where an item of clothing two or three times before it is discarded.

When looking for our next item of clothing we should keep in mind the damage the fashion industry has on the environment and the vast amount of second clothing already available to us.



Story Behind the Coat

Written by Sunday:

I’m Sunday brown and I’m 14 years old in year 8. Growing up as a girl has been hard but also really cool. I have so many amazing intelligent women including {Sophie Wooley } around me showing me how to be a good person in the world. Although being a teenage girl is hard because of beauty standards and self insecurities. I’ve learnt how to have self worth and to recognise everyone is beautiful in there own way. I’m proud to say that I’m a feminist and an independent woman in this world.

I love vintage clothing and was so excited to wear this coat with its beautiful buttons. I really like that it is handmade and to think of the person who made it. Did they copy it from a pattern? Did they come up with the design? Or were they inspired by a girl who was wearing a similar one? Did they make it for their own personal use, or for someone else? How long did it take them to make it? I like to imagine the answers to these questions.


fashion illustration of sunday

Illustration by Cotton


Sunday is wearing:

Green handmade coat available to buy at Yarn Yarns for $105

Green velvet dress available to rent at Yarn Yarns for four days $50, or eight days $75

Black lace up boots supplied by Honey From The Jar Vintage and available to buy at Yarn Yarns for $55

80s suede bag available to buy at Yarn Yarns for $25


Cotton and Woolley xx