prada sequinned dress
21 May

long grey wool coat

Who: Modelled by Stella

Coat owned by Tess

Dress owned by Jodi

Where: both the dress and coat are available to hire at Yarn Yarns


History Behind The Dress

This beautiful sequinned dress is Prada. Prada was founded by Mario and Martino Prada in 1913. It began as a leather goods shop specialising in trunks and handbags. Mario believed women had no place in business so he left Prada to his son. Fortunately his son had no interest in the business so Mario’s daughter Luisa took over, running it for 20 years until her daughter Miucca succeeded her in 1978. Under Luisa and Miucca’s direction Prada became one of the most recognisable fashion brands in the world, proving women definitely do have a place in business!


Story Behind The Coat

Tess was inspired to buy this coat by a friend of hers who had a very similar one. Even though it was a little too big it was so beautiful she had to have it. Lucky for us its poor fit on her means it now resides at Yarn Yarns.

Other than buying clothes that are too big for her, Tess possesses another endearing quality where she is incapable of remembering the names of places, so whenever people ask her where she bought the coat, without fail Tess will say “what’s it called again? You know… the shop at the end of my street.”


fashion illustration

Illustration by Genevieve Lown


Product details:

Black sequinned Prada dress: rent for 4 days at $100, or 8 days at $130. Follow this link to hire it:


Grey wool coat with fur collar: rent for 4 days at $30, or 8 days at $45. Follow this link to hire it:

Grey wool coat with fur collar


Round white clip on earrings available at Yarn Yarns for $15


Cotton and Woolley xx