From: $30.00

Best fits size 8-12. Please message us for further details.

Security Deposit : $150.00

FOR RENTALS ONLY Customers can hire products for four or eight day periods. If you would like to hire for four days simply type "1" into the Duration box. If you would like to hire a product for eight days, type in "2". Then select the date you would like to begin the hiring process from.

Customers are asked to pay a security deposit. Customers are not required to clean the products before returning.

Tess was inspired to buy this coat by a friend of hers who had a very similar one. Even though it was a little too big it was so beautiful she had to have it. Lucky for us its poor fit on her means it now resides at Yarn Yarns.

Other than buying clothes that are too big for her, Tess possesses another endearing quality where she is incapable of remembering the names of places, so whenever people ask her where she bought the coat, without fail Tess will say “what’s it called again? You know… the shop at the end of my street.” That place is Yesteryear.

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