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19 Feb

fashion stories yarn yarns


Who: Mara

What: Shoes (era and brand unknown)

Where: Nth Melbourne Market, Melbourne, Australia


History Behind Shoes


In 1991 some hikers discovered a man frozen in a glacier on the border between Austria and Italy. He was later named Otzi and determined to be over 5000 years old. One of the greatest aspects of this discovery was his perfectly preserved clothing and shoes. It was like taking a trip through time. Up until this moment we had only the vaguest notion of how stone aged people dressed. His shoes were of particular interest in that they were basically a couple of piles of straw on stiffened bear skin. However, when a Czech shoe expert made a replica pair he discovered they were more comfortable and capable than modern shoes. They had great grip, protected against blisters and were very warm. Nowadays we can purchase a pair of shoes for up to $3 million made entirely of rubies, topless shoes attached to the foot with adhesive pads, or heel-less thigh high PVC boots. In the 40,000 year history of shoes they have grown from solely practical purposes to highly varied wearable pieces of art.


Story Behind These Shoes


Based on a true story…

Marisa was carrying the pictured shoes in her bag as she walked to the train station from work. At some point on this journey she dropped one of the precious pair. Marisa was devastated but this devastation turned to surprised jubilation twenty-four hours later when on the same walk she discovered her shoe blatantly sitting undisturbed on the pavement in the middle of the CBD. She was ecstatic! So much so she didn’t mind the curious looks thrown in her direction when she stopped in peak hour to scoop up a seemingly random abandoned shoe in an all too enthusiastic embrace.


Woolley and Cotton xx


illustration of shoes for fashion stories

Illustration by Haley Kigbo