Mini Dream Dress
19 Feb

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Who: Shay

What: 60s dress

History Behind the Garment


This dress has such a cute matching belt we have decided to delve into its history. The belt began its life as a simple string, aside from holding up garments they were also used for carrying tools, weapons and other objects.

Belts have often been perceived as a representation of wealth and status. In Roman times, soldiers used to wear belts to show their rank. Only slaves wore beltless tunics.

Belt styles have evolved throughout history but no matter what this is a staple that is here to stay.

Story Behind the Garment


Written by Shay…

This little late 60’s mini dream is just dream dress. She’s a good dollop of Cher, because the beat certainly goes round in this number!

It was purchased from a little special vintage store in Collingwood & it was love at first sight. With each wear I am quick to realise it’s my super hero dress, it changes my walk & i become my ultimate dream girl. My own swoon person. Can’t go wrong with a little flippy hem when off to buy fresh bread now can you?


Woolley and Cotton xx

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Illustration by Samantha Varghese