80s plaid wool blazer
16 Jul

90s plaid wool blazer


Who: Jenna aka The Ironic Minimalist

What: 80s plaid wool blazer

Where: Jenna has loaned this blazer to Yarn Yarns for people to hire.


History behind the blazer

Jenna, Cotton and Woolley all share Tasmanian backgrounds so they were delighted to discover this blazer was produced at Waverley Woollen Mills in Launceston.

Waverley Mills was established in 1874 and is now Australia’s oldest working textile mill. When Jenna bought the blazer she contacted Waverley Mills. They were able to work out exactly when it was produced and shared the following Instagram post:

waverley mills


Story behind the coat

I initially found this blazer at The Concious Closet Op Shop near the QV in Melbourne. I wandered in one day and saw it amongst the amazing vintage garments. As much as I loved it, I decided to come back in a few days when Fitted for Work was holding their $5 sale day. Once the $5 sale day rolled around and after I picked up some great bargains, I wandered back to The Conscious Closest (which is an op shop run by Fitted for Work). The blazer was still there, but now it was 50% off! I knew it was mine. I find the blazer very special to me as as it was made by Australia’s oldest textile mill located in my home town of Launceston, Tasmania! It’s not often you find a perfect condition piece made in your hometown! I wear this unique piece with jeans and turtle neck. I feel that it adds something different to my look and the padded shoulders give my outfit a slight 80’s look, which I love!
I have now found that this jacket is getting less love in my wardrobe, so I have passed it on to Yarn Yarns in hope that it will continue to be loved by some other special people ❤️


waverley mills illustration

Illustration inspired by the Waverley Mills logo on the blazer

Blazer details:

Customers can hire this blazer from Yarn Yarns for $25 for four days and $38 for eight days.


Cotton and Woolley xx