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    Yarn Yarns is a store in Northcote where customers can buy or rent unique second hand clothing.

    In 2018 we opened the doors to our little orange boutique in Northcote. A shop filled with vintage treasures and the stories they hold. You can shop through a library of second hand clothing with the option to rent, buy, or share your own loved additions. This idea sprouted from the hidden goodies we too often find buried in our wardrobes that we rarely wear but we still can’t permanently part with them. Clothes sharing opens our wardrobes to the rest of the world so we can learn to buy less and borrow more!

    It’s found that we only wear our clothes seven times each before they’re given the toss. Clothes sharing is our sustainable answer to stop the growing habit of mindless churning through clothes. It’s a fun way to get your fashion fix whilst reducing your environmental footprint on the world.

    Come in and try our amazing selection of second hand clothing!

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