chasing the green dragon
19 Feb

fashion stories from yarn yarns

Who: Woolley

What: 70s dress

Where: Yesteryear Vintage, Melbourne, Australia

This Dress is available to hire from Yarn Yarns. Four days for $30, Eight days for $45


History Behind Festival Fashion


Fashion enables people to express their individuality, this expression is amplified ten-fold in the costumes we wear to festivals. Nothing holds us back, we are in a happy festival bubble where inhibitions are released and we’re not judged for our fashion choices. The more unique our clothing the more we will be celebrated for it.

When we think of festival fashion most of us conjure images of floral headbands, maxi dresses, beads and psychedelic clothing at that most iconic of festivals, Woodstock. Many people attending festivals to this day still reference this style in their fashion choices. However people have been dressing elaborately for festivals for many years before Woodstock. People started wearing costumes to Venetian Carnivals from the 1300s where they would don powdered wigs, elaborate dresses and masks. In 1985 bands such as Queen, Iron Maiden and AC/DC headlined the Rock in Rio festival. Attendees wore eyeliner, leather jackets and long hair. It is a costume that many fans incorporated into their everyday clothing and is still associated with the punk and metal sub-culture.

If adorning more elaborate clothing makes us happy because we are able to express our individuality, why do many of us only have the confidence to do so at festivals? Imagine a world where we could walk down the street in brightly coloured headdresses, glitter, and face paint and not feel judged for doing so. Or maybe the fact that most of us only wear this clothing a few days a year just makes it all the more exciting when we do.


Story Behind the Garment


This is based on a true story….

Once upon a time there was a girl named Woolley who went to a festival. On the second night Woolley put on her favourite dress, it was a long green 70’s number patterned with purple and white fireworks. A perfect festival garb and Woolley felt fabulous! Woolley set off to explore the surroundings with her friends. Once they left their happy little bubble of tents they soon found there was much to see and touch. The main area of the festival was a big paddock surrounded by tents and bush land. Woolley and her friends were wandering around aimlessly, basking in the excited buzzing atmosphere that encompasses festival life. They came across a group of people dancing and twirling colourful lights. They were mesmerised by the lights and stood transfixed, unable to tear themselves away. They were interrupted by a beautiful green dragon with a glowing tail. The dragon took it upon herself to introduce herself to the group. Her name was M. M divulged that she knew all the beautiful spots around the festival and that they must not waste a minute more with the fire dancers when there was so much to see. M took them to many amazing places, including a musical garden hidden in the bush, a glowing green waterfall, and a wall that lit up when you touched it. They were so distracted by all the wonderful things to see that they were worried they would lose M. They needn’t have feared because her beautiful glowing tail was like a beacon in the dark and lit the path for them all night. Woolley still smiles to herself when she thinks of that night and remembers how much her belly ached from all the laughing.


Woolley and Cotton xx


illustration for yarn yarns

Illustration by Hilary Green