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Sequinned gowns, fur coats, lacey frills, and velvet frocks- what do they all have in common? They can be found at Yarn Yarns the shop!

In 2018 we opened the doors to our little orange boutique in Northcote, filled with vintage treasures and the stories they hold. You can shop through a library of second hand clothing with the option to rent, buy, or offer your own loved additions. This idea sprouted from the hidden goodies we too often find buried in our wardrobes that don’t get worn nearly enough, but we still can’t bring ourselves to part with. Clothes sharing opens our wardrobes to the rest of the world so we can learn to buy less and borrow more!

It’s found that we only wear our clothes about seven times each before they’re given the toss and landfill takes the brunt of it each time. Clothes sharing is our sustainable answer to stop the growing habit of mindless churning through clothes. It’s a fun way to get your fashion fix whilst reducing your environmental footprint on the world.

In the spirit of rekindling old habits, we want to reverse fast fashion by extending the clothing life cycle of every garment. Each rental garment comes with a little story the owner has with it that doesn’t just make for great conversation, but a way to build a deeper connection to the things we wear.

Introducing Cotton & Woolley

Yarn Yarns was created by Sophie and Katherine who met working at a Melbourne fashion boutique in 2017.  They soon discovered they shared fashion related surnames, Woolley and Cotton.  They googled “woolley cotton” and the first result was an article on Katherine’s great great great grandfather, Francis Cotton. In the article there was a photograph of Francis taken in the late 1800s by Charles Alfred Woolley, a relation of Sophie’s. What are the chances? 150 years later their descendants decided to take the plunge and start Yarn Yarns together.

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